Brent & Susan Cornman started Brent Cornman Construction in 1991 with the hopes and dreams that they would one day be able to help many families live in their dream homes.

In their spare time, they like to spend time with their 2 adorable dogs, love on their 5 grandchildren, and take vacations in their motor home with their friends! Brent & Susan have been married for over 30 years and their commit to each other & God reflect through to their business, as well.

"It is very difficult to embark upon the journey of an extreme remodeling of your house and not feel stressed. Our experience with Brent Cornman was exactly the opposite. From the day we met Brent and his team, we have been nothing short of impressed by the quality of work and attention to detail. During the seven month project, every subcontractor accomplished their job in a timely fashion. Brandon and Brent made sure every plan synchronized perfectly with our schedule. Now when we look at our house, we realize it is far beyond anything we could imagine. I cannot recommend Brent, Brandon, Katie and Alexa enough. They made our dreams come true. Brent Cornman Construction is truly the best!" - Tracy 7/2017

"Brent's team conducted a major remodel to our home 9 years ago and this spring, came back in to do a little facelift where needed. He originally added a master bedroom/bathroom, garage, two offices, an expanded family room, hallway, outdoor kitchen and man cave. He also put new hardware, fixtures, paint, and carpeting/wood floors throughout the house. We lived in our home during the entire remodel so we got to know everyone on site very well. Working with Brent is a complete pleasure. He is honest, kind and customer-centered. He gives you options and thinks beyond the immediate issues. The subcontractors he hires are excellent in their trades and in their desire to do a job well and keep the area clean. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of all the work Brent Cornman Construction has done for us." - Ann 3/2017

"Brent is very good, very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He stays on top of his subcontractors better than any builder we've had and they are very loyal to him. He provides very solid cost projections and complete breakdowns of final expenses. We would strongly recommend him without reservations." - ​Michael 6/2017

"Brent has built a house for us as well as a pool house and metal building. Brent is very hard working and honest and was on site almost every day of our house build. He runs a tight ship and keeps his projects clean throughout the building process. He limits his projects to a very manageable amount so he can be very involved and hands on and keep everything moving. His subcontractors follow his lead and are a very good group. He is always my first choice when considering any kind of build." - ​Justin ​​​2/2017

​"Kitchen remodel and living area update. After a broken pipe destroyed our kitchen, Brent and his crew went to work . They were reliable and responsive to our needs." - Vikki 7/2014


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